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31 December 2018 @ 11:59 pm
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02 May 2013 @ 02:32 pm
So I made a video post the other night when I was exhausted and drunk because that seemed funny - I posted it on Tumblr and then woke up in horror hours later, deleted it, and now we're back to where we started. I may attempt another one, but also let's be real, vlogs exist in the name of vanity and since I've been decidedly uninterested in myself lately, it may take a while.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE BLING RING TRAILER??????? I for some reason watch it like five times per day and I have no idea why because at first I thought it actually looked pretty ridiculous, but I'm obsessed with all of the music in it (mostly Sleigh Bells "Crown on the Ground," which we can all agree is the best song in the world, right??? I listen to it on the way to work every morning and it's just GREAT) and also Sofia Coppola, you know?? I'm a pretty big Sofia apologist (I'm like the only person on earth who loved Somewhere probably) so spoiler alert: I'm gonna like it no matter what. But it seems so different than her typical vaguely French wistful window lurker sort of thing. I'm intrigued.

I have like nothing going on TV-wise right now besides Game of Thrones and my thoughts on that are basically just YAY JAIME/BRIENNE, fuck you Robb Stark, DANERYS STORMBORN <33333333, thanx 4 all the butts.

I'm also watching Hannibal and that's pretty ok but I rarely pay that much attention because it's kind of boring?? I'll have to go back and re-watch to be sure, but for as gorgeous as it is, I just feel like the same thing keeps happening every week and the tension is really distilled when you already know that Hannibal is a people eater and the future of these characters is so instilled in pop culture lore. It's the same with Bates Motel (which I watched the pilot for - it was ok). I guess the moral of this story is prequels are like basically always pointless and boring. Give me an example of ONE GOOD prequel and I'll eat my damn foot.

OH and I'm watching The X-Files and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia whenever I have spare moments (which are pretty few and far between these days) and I seriously can't believe I've lived my life never having seen either since both fulfill wildly different aspects of my personal interests (i.e. alcohol as a solution to life's problems and ALIENS, DUDE). Man, I just wanna dream about myself in Dana Scully's suits all day long.

Also can I bitch about how sick I am of the fucking diet talk permeating my Tumblr and Facebook feeds right now?under a cut because blah blah blahCollapse )

Ugh I'm so scared to go home right now because I trapped a mouse in my bedroom last night after a long bout of "I'm pretty sure there's a mouse trapped in my apartment but he hides so well that I can't be sure where he's coming from until all of sudden he's in the middle of my floor." I saw him for the first time about a week ago and freaked out and immediately sealed off every opening I could find in my place with duct tape once he scurried into a hole under my sink cupboard. I figured I had him trapped, but I found more little openings the next day, which means he must have snuck out during the night again. I've been hearing him in my place at night ever since, but only saw him a few other times, and he always ran into another hole under the cupboard. Last night I spent time sealing everything up even more, but then I saw him again, meaning he must have been hiding in a corner outside of the cupboard for a few days. Because he had no place to escape to with the holes sealed, I figured I could chase him out into the hallway or at least get him in my dust pan and take him outside. BUT THEN HE RAN INTO MY BEDROOM. Which is admittedly a warzone of disorganized clothing and clutter, so I was really hoping he wouldn't get in there since getting him out would be literally impossible without me having some sort of coronary embolism. But of course, he gets in there (after I dizzied him up a little by spraying perfume at him - sorry, little guy). So I did what any sane person would do: I closed the door and sealed it with duct tape. So now he's just... in there. My landlord is supposed to come get him out, but he can't be there until 4 p.m. and that's after I'll be home from work. Also, he's gonna majorly hate what I did to my room in the process of last night's wild goose chase and this week's demouseification procedure (like I might as well have duct tape wallpaper). WHATEVER, I think I'm gonna go home, make it look a little more humane, then leave and get drunk somewhere so I don't have to think about it.

Have any of you ever had a mouse in your place? I feel like I would care way less if: A) I didn't live alone, B) I had cats, and C) I wasn't such a fucking pussy.

But speaking of cats, I'm getting two (!!!!) next week. I'll flood you with photos immediately. I'm naming them Mordecai and Ferdinand and they're Maine Coones and they're gorgeous and I love them so much already I can't even stand it.
I very unexpectedly got see the premiere of Game of Thrones season three tonight! I'd signed up for a premiere party at a fancy hotel in downtown Chicago about a month ago and totally forgot about it, and I also wasn't expecting to get in because free events like these are usually pretty crazy and operate on a first come, first serve principle. I got a reminder email yesterday and almost ignored it because I had to work late (which, btw, I have a new job - full-time bookseller, holla!). But when I told my manager about the event, he was all "I'm pretty sure I have a moral obligation to make sure you go to this event" because he's a Game of Thrones obsessive, so he LET ME GO EARLY. And it turns out it wasn't a crazy event, it was actually really professionally put together - my name was on a guest list in the lobby of the hotel (apparently me signing up in time was a big deal, like I was lucky I got on the guest list at all), we had a coat check and then they led us into this huge hall that was full of people in medieval costumes and a band playing music from the show and a GIANT FEAST and FREE DRINKS, including the official Game of Thrones beer (which was really good beer actually - I was expecting it to be kind of shitty and generic, but it was a great brew and I would actually invest money in a big bottle). We even got our picture taken with a fake iron throne! And the PRESIDENT OF HBO WAS THERE? They ushered us into a big screening room and talked to us forever about how awesome the show is and how we should tweet about this event and tweet about the episode and shit (typical promotion hoopla, blah blah blah, I've been a thousand of these things and this is always the most annoying part). AND THEN THEY SCREENED THE EPISODE.

Non-spoilery assessment: IT WAS PRETTY GREAT. Except it ended really abruptly and only showed like half of the characters (typical by now). And now that I've read book three, it's weird to me how the pacing of things went. It felt like they burned through a lot of stuff just in the first episode, so I'll be interested to see how the rest of the season goes.

semi spoilery assessmentCollapse )

Speaking of Storm of Swords, oh man do I have some thoughts.

major book 3 spoilersCollapse )
08 December 2012 @ 02:58 am
I haven't posted at all since I added a bunch of new friends. HI NEW FRIENDS. It was a trick, me adding you, because I basically never update anymore. SUCKAS. (jk, you're all great.)

I only ever post about television and movies and my depressing life, so you're in for a real treat! (SYKE.) 


the hourCollapse )

fringeCollapse )

new girlCollapse )


star trek into darknessCollapse )

Also, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. I have no plans to celebrate and all signs point to this being the worst birthday on record, but at least I have my youth and my sanity. And a bottle of red wine that I plan on devouring like it's my only attainable sustenance. 
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